Space Weapons Fix Mod, v2

Change list:

  • Obsoletes Armor Plating, Chaff, and Superior Duranthium. Missile Defence Theory leads to Smart Chaff now.
  • The basic defence components yielded by early research into defences all start with a defence rating of 3.  However, they cost three times as much and are three times bigger than before.  Along the rest of the defence tech tree I have made the components take up more space and cost more but given them a proportionately better defence rating.  This includes any components that require Good alignment to unlock.
  • At various defence tech milestones however, you will get two components where you previously got one, the second component being a smaller (miniaturised) version of the first.  The list of these new components are:
    • Tritanium (5 Armour, requires Superior Tri-Strontium)
    • Duranvium (6 Armour, requires Kanvium III)
    • Zeronium (8 Armour, requires Zero-Point Armor)
    • Miniature Deflector (4 Shields, requires Barriers III)
    • Force Shields (7 Shields, requires Superior Force Fields)
    • Micro Barriers (9 Shields, requires Ultimate Invulnerability)
    • Micro ECM (6 Point Defence, requires PD Combo III)
    • Autodefence Turrets (9 Point Defence, requires Aereon Missile Defense)
  • What this new mod means is an end to all those AI ship designs (sometimes based around a small hull) which have a point or two of defence that doesn’t do any good.  A ship will have a minimum of three points of defence if a defensive component is added.  By the time components that can give benefit to fighters are available, it’s more likely for medium and large hulls to have been researched.