Space Weapons Fix Mod, v3B

Change list:

  • Changes to the Terran, Yor, Altarian and Thalan tech trees. When playing against an AI using those tech trees, you may notice that they rotate their research projects more effectively.
  • Terran and Altarian tech trees have been altered a bit.  Instead of the single Planetary Improvements tech branching off from Artifical Gravity, you now have a group of four as follows –
    • Economic Improvements: opens up Xeno Economics
    • Research Improvements: opens up Xeno Research
    • Industrial Improvements: opens up Soil Enhacement, Extreme Colonisation, Xeno Farming, and Xeno Industrial Theory.
    • Starport Upgrades: opens up Interstellar Warfare, Interstellar Construction, Basic Logistics.
    • Xeno Communications is unlocked by Xeno Research.
    • The technologies unlocked change in later versions of the mod.
  • The basic idea here was to make sure that the AI unlocks the technologies which would have been unlocked by researching Planetrary Improvements.
  • Improvement changes:
    • Research Labs, Traditional Factories and Market Centers have been chucked.  Instead you will get three new Super Projects.  The idea here was to not waste the opening of a game by building lots of rubbish improvements that will need to get upgraded anyway (wasting more time) and give both the player and AI some special improvements to use right away where they see fit.
  • Also in 3B are some new weapon sound effects.  Not strictly a fix as such, but it began to bug me in my last game that Quantum Drivers sounded really dorky.  Initially I changed them to use the newer sound that was shipped with Twilight of the Arnor, but it didn’t quite jive with the animation so I ran some effects on it and eventually mixed in the crisp firing sound of mass drivers.  You may like it, or you may not.  You can always delete it.
    • Plasmas, Particle Beams and Lasers should also sound different.