Space Weapons Fix Mod, v3C

Change list:

  • Same as 3B but with fixes for Torian tech tree.  This adds a similar four-part structure for Planetary Improvements to try and stagger the development of economic improvements, research improvements, and everything else.
    • Schools are replaced by a Super Project, which helps to avoid an early-game choke.
  • Some Torian techs have been moved around and new ones have been added:
    • Advanced Space Liberation: Leads to Advanced Manufacturing, Planetary Bombardment, Planetary Defence, Advanced Logistics, More Space Weapons and Even More Space Weapons.
    • Advanced Manufacturing: Leads to Xeno Factory Construction, Fusion Power Plants.
    • Planetary Invasion : Leads to Advanced Troop Mod.  All the other invasion techs are part of the Advanced Space Liberation branch now.
    • Interstellar Construction: Is broken into parts I and II.