Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5

Change list:

  • The last tier of weapons on the tech tree before Ultimate weapons take much longer to research.
    • This makes it worthwhile pursuing weapons research that takes less time.
    • Ultimate weapons research takes significantly longer than before.
  • The Nano Ripper (new name: Singularity Ripper) has been scaled up so that it is more of a capital ship weapon.
  • A number of starbase modules have been stripped along with their pre-requisite techs.
    • There are still defensive and ship assist modules available, but not as many.
    • Some production assist and culture modules have been removed.
    • All but one of the sensor modules have been removed.
    • Mining modules are basically untouched.
    • The reason for this is because as has been mentioned, the AI cannot read past a certain arbitrary limit.  Accordingly, the module list below has been shortened.
      Module Properties Requires Tech Requires Module Cost (bc)
      Laser Cannon +2 Beam Attack (Starbase) Laser V Battlestations 50
      Kinectic Diffuser +2 Beam Attack (Starbase) Kinetic Streams III (Yor) BattleStations 50
      Railgun Battery +2 MD Attack (Starbase) Mass Drivers III BattleStations 50
      Pulveriser Cannon +2 MD Attack (Starbase) Scatter Blaster III (Yor) BattleStations 50
      Stinger Missiles +2 Missile Attack (Starbase) Stinger IV BattleStations 50
      Seeker Missiles +2 Missile Attack (Starbase) Seeker III (Yor) BattleStations 50
      Nordstrom Shields +6 Beam Defence (Starbase) Shields Battlestations 200
      Duranthium Plating +6 MD Defence (Starbase) Duranthium Battlestations 200
      PD Batteries +6 Missile Defence (Starbase) Point Defence Battlestations 200
      Plasma Diffuser +7 Beam Attack (Starbase) Plasma Weapons Battlestations 200
      Graviton Mauler +7 MD Attack (Starbase) Graviton Driver Battlestations 200
      Photonic Charges +7 Missile Attack (Starbase) Photonic Torpedo Battlestations 200
      Nordstrom Force Fields +12 Beam Defence (Starbase) Force Fields Battlestations 400
      Kanvium Plating +12 MD Defence (Starbase) Kanvium Battlestations 400
      Drone Sentries +12 Missile Defence (Starbase) Droid Sentries Battlestations 400