Space Weapons Fix Mod, 5A

Change list:

  • Reworked the Terran and Drengin tech trees, just moving stuff around here and there.
  • Sensors techs are now spread out through the tech trees.
  • Techs which give access to a research facility cost 20% less.
  • Added Super Projects for Tech Progression research.
    • Infinity Tech Labs: 18 tp, 14 bc maintenance.
    • Pear Shaped labs: 4 tp, +20 to Research ability, 8bc maintenance.
    • Nordstrom Technologies: +15 to Hitpoints ability, 2tp, no maintenance.
  • Added GC2Ships.xml which contains the nerfed Arnorian Ranger and Super Dominator Corvette designs.
  • Fixed up the Arceans to be more predatory with a +1 speed bonus instead of a speed nerf, but they take a -20 to Defence.
  • Various silliness fixes in Iconian tech tree.