Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5C

Change list:

  • Arcean tech tree fixes:
    • Moved Xeno Business (Xeno Anthropology) because early on in the tech tree it could be an unnecessary distraction for the AI.
    • Moved Interstellar Navigation in the tech tree to match the order it appears in its group.
    • Miniaturisation techs are split into three groupings.
    • Xeno Engineering is now Industry branch, Manufacturing category
  • Reduced the build cost of Invention Matrix and Discovery Sphere to be more in line with the cost of Research Academy.
  • Iconian tech tree now features Technology Strategy techs.  These are basically the same deal as the Technology Progression techs, but the Super Project list is different:Technology Strategy I – Centre for Intellect Studies, +20 to Research ability and +4tp

    Technology Strategy II – Precursor Weapons Lab, +20 to Weapons ability and +4tp

    Technology Strategy III – Galactic Technology Centre, +150% research on planet and +22tp

  • Four new Iconian improvements:

    Precursor Repository – upgrade for Precursor Library, +20% research on planet and +16tp (respectively, 10% and 4tp better)

    Precursor Matrix – upgrade for Precursor Archive, +40% economic bonus on planet +10% influence bonus and +12tp (respectively, 30% better on economic bonus and 2tp better on research)

    Enhanced Invention Matrix – 17tp, 3tp more than the standard Invention Matrix

    Enhanced Discovery Sphere – 21tp, 3tp more than the standard Discovery Sphere

  • Research Centre has a new look to set it apart from the Iconian refinery.
  • Unbuildable stock ships left over from DL and DA are now hidden so they don’t show up in the tech tree.
  • Farms are now one per planet, and give a percentage boost of 25% or 50% rather than a straight +mt food increase.
  • An Improved Colony is now available for construction, technology needed varies depending on tech tree.
  • Thalan tech tree reworked using Technology Adaptation I through III as separators.  They now start with Planetary Adaptation instead of Interstellar Construction (you may need to press Clear on their race config screen first).
  • Devils’ Forge upgrades to Slaveling Training Center.
  • Slaveling Training Center boosts production by 25% and adds 10 mp, and upgrades to Artificial Slave Pods.
  • Artificial Slave Pods boost production by 30% and adds 12 mp.