Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5D

Change list:

  • Engines re-costed as follows:Speed 1
    • Hyperdrive, Hyperdrive Plus: 20
    • Ion drive, Stream Drive: 15

    Speed 2

    • Impulse Drive I – III: 30

    Speed 3

    • Warp Drive I – IV: 45

    Speed 4

    • Warp Drive V: 60
    • Hyperwarp I: 55
    • Hyperwarp II: 50

    Speed 5

    • Hyperwarp III: 75

    Speed 6

    • Stellar Folder: 120
  • New defences for Good-aligned civs:
    • Duranthium Battle Armour, +9 Armour, cost 95
      Prerequisites for research: Duranthium III and Good alignment.
    • Psionic Defence, +16 PD, cost 140
      Prerequisites for research: PD Combo III and Good alignment.
  • Sensors and sensor array re-costed and re-sized, research cost for sensor array reduced by quite a bit
  • Re-costed the Yor Doom Ray research project.
  • Added a custom race as an opponent, with a close copy of the Yor tech tree and the Super Warrior ability.
  • Added the Omega Beam research project to the tech trees with Disruptors.
    • It replaces Doom Ray and makes it more worthwhile picking beam weapons in the end game with those races.
  • Omega Beam: Damage 66, Cost 405, uses the Disruptor II weapon model.
    • Custom sound effect based on the disruptor sound effects, but same Doom Ray animation.
  • Hopefully fixed Arceans getting stuck on Weather Control research.