Space Weapons Fix Mod, v6

Download version 6 for GalCiv2: Twilight of the Arnor

Change list:

  • Beam weapons balance tweaked – beams are fairly expensive per unit of firepower but scale damage to size well.
  • Missile weapons balance tweaked – missiles are much cheaper per unit of firepower but do not scale damage to size well.
  • Mass driver weapons tweaked – mass drivers are the cheapest per unit of firepower, and are average at scaling size to damage.
  • Krynn buildings – Consulate changed to Super Project, gives +20 bonus to influence ability.  Cost increased to 125, no maintenance.
  • Krynn tech tree – Various changes.  They lose Industrial Revolution, so no Entertainment Centre, but gain A History of Co-operation which nets them a free +10 to Culture.
  • Thalan buildings – removed limtations on matrices.  Reduced output of matrices but set maintenance to 1.  Fusion Transformer is now available with Technology Adaptation II, adds 8mp and 8 tp, magnifies mp and tp by 75%, cost 500, maintenance 10bc.
  • Altarian buildings – Regional Matric no longer upgrades from Manufacturing Matrix.
  • Altarian tech tree changes.
    • Core Technologies I: Economic Improvements, Xeno Economics
      • Also unlocks Xeno Communications.
    • Core Technologies II: Research Improvements, Xeno Research, Xeno Biology
    • Core Technologies III: Productivity Improvements, Industrial Construction, Temples.
      • Also unlocks Xeno Farm Construction.
    • Core Technologies IV: Soil Enhancement, Xeno Trade Centres.
      • Also unlocks Diplomatic Relations.
    • Core Technologies V: Military Improvements, Interstellar Warfare, Space Militarization, Space Weaponisation
    • Core Technologies VI: Starport Upgrades, Interstellar Construction, Advanced Hulls
    • Core Technologies VII (after Technology Progression I): Space Weapons (new), Research Academies.
    • Core Technologies VIII (after Technology Progression II): Invention Matrix, Medium Scale Building, Starship Defences, Advanced Space Weapons.
  • Yor buildings – removed limitations on collectives.  Reduced output of collectives but added a % bonus to manufacturing.  Brought collective cost to build more in line with other factories.  Research Matrix is now Cybernetic Matrix, increases mp and tp by 12, with a 25% bonus on top, increased cost to 90 and maintenance to 7.
  • General buildings – Industrial Sector cost reduced to 180, maintenance reduced to 7bc.  Omega Research Centre now adds 20tp and boosts research by 65%.
  • Torian buildings – Reduced cost of University to 80.  Reduced cost of City of Learning to 100 and maintenance to 6.  Technology commune now adds 10tp and only costs 350, maintenance reduced to 7.
  • Default ships: Altered GC2Ships.xml to remove the obligatory Hyperdrive and extra crap from some of the starting designs, increased Support modules in a few cases.
  • Iconian buildings: Precursor Archive maintenance reduced to 4.  Precursor Library maintenance reduced to 4.  Precursor Matrix is now a Super Project which adds 12tp and improves civ’s Economics ability by 40.  Precursor Repository is now a Super Project which adds 16tp and improves civ’s Research ability by 20.
  • Power Plant buildings scrapped.  There are now three new Trade Goods, Fusion Power generators, Anti-matter Power generators, and Quantum Power generators which increase social or military production abilities.