Space Weapons Fix Mod, v6A

Download version 6A for GalCiv2: Twilight of the Arnor

Change list:

  • Arcean tech tree streamlining – some techs are now optional rather than core.
  • Fixed Space Weapons costing in Arcean tech tree.  It is no longer core, because Arceans have access to Fusion Beams earlier on, but it does give access to Missile Weapon Theory and Mass Driver Theory in case the player wants Stinger or Railguns.
  • Added ‘Support’ hull class – category Small, available with Interstellar Construction.
  • Known issue: AI builds Support class but names it ‘Heavy Fighter.’
  • Known issue: The Drengin Experimentation Centre can be upgraded – this is fixed in version 6B.
  • Increased colony module cost from 50 to 100.  Together with the cost of a cargo hull, this is about a 50% increase in cost.
  • Basic Life Support module is no longer available.  Life support modules are smaller but offer less range, starting at General Life Support tech.
  • Altered GC2Ships.cfg again, removing old Life Support modules from ship designs.  Starting ships are affected.
  • Yor and Zylon tech trees – Biological Studies is now categorised as Terraforming, not Colonisation.  Neutrality Learning Centre removed.
  • Yor and Zylon buildings – cybernetic versions of the Research Centre, Research Academy, Invention Matrix and Discovery Sphere.  These are all half the usual maintenance cost.  However there is no cybernetic version of the Research Co-ordination Centre or Neutrality Learning Centre.  Manufacturing Vortex now a Super Project granting +30 to Social Production as opposed to +15% manufacturing per planet.
  • Krynn tech tree – changed Xeno Industrial Theory to Manufacturing category, increased priority for Research techs.
  • Arcean buildings – Advanced Navigation Centre is now a Super Project, does not upgrade the basic Navigation Centre and provides a civ-wide increase in speed of +1.
  • Arcean Fusion Beam – the required sound file for this weapon is now included.
  • Yor and Zylon tech trees – debugged and rearranged for visual consistency.