RimWorld Alpha 16 screenshots, 17 January 2017

Cervexa and Wolle are on caravan duty. Meanwhile Josh is giving regular treatments to cancer patient Vasily.

Cervexa and Wolle return with medicine and luciferium. Vasily is a luci addict, you see.

Almost a year later. Shark is the one of the new recruits and has a talent for training animals.

The colony continues to flourish but, in the event of a fire it would be toast.

The colony has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

There are three married couples: Vasily and Wendy, Josh and Latch, Wolle and Alligator.

Wood-fuelled generators are still the most advanced technology, and provide lighting and cooling to much of the community.

There is a paved visitor’s area with a table and chairs.

There are numerous domesticated animals which provide a fairly steady supply of milk and meat.

There are stone paths laid through the tall grass to allow quicker travel to distant parts.

Nightingale also has a graveyard just outside the east gate.