Solar Apocalypse & Rogue Planet mod returns!

I just posted one of my favourite old mods to Steam Workshop:

Aside from the transition from map condition to game condition (which means that it persists across the entire planet) I cleaned up the code and made a minor performance improvement.

Previously, when the Solar Apocalypse condition raised the temperature to 85 degrees, it would slowly kill off all the plants on the map. However, because it was trying to kill all the plants at once there would be quite a bit of a performance hit. I’ve alleviated this by making the plant deterioration random. It’ll take longer for the plants to die, but at least your framerate won’t tank.

I will be uploading the new version of the mod here on the site as well along with a couple of mods that I’ve neglected to add.

In other news, I’m considering setting up a Patreon. As always, I will continue to make mods without putting up any kind of paywall, but I anticipate that I won’t be doing well financially over the next few weeks (possibly months), so if that’s a way that I can earn a few extra pounds to keep the lights on, I’m going to look into it.