This is a copy of my latest RimWorld mod license for your reference.


  1. You may include these mods in your own modpacks. The responsibility of maintaining, adapting and supporting that particular combination of mods falls to you, however. This license still applies even if you do not include it in your distribution.
  2. You may not re-upload these mods to any other site without asking me. In most cases, you can simply directly link to the original download.
  3. You may create your own derivative mods, as long as they do not have the same name as the original mods. If you credit me, you can keep it as brief as: C# Contributor: Ryder.
  4. You may not include these mods into a monetised modpack or use it to create monetised derivative mods. This includes donation links. The intent is that these mods remain free to use as they were intended. Although I do not have the time or inclination to pursue anyone who breaks this clause of the license, such actions effectively suspend the rights given under this license.
  5. You may use these mods as content in monetised YouTube videos without asking me first (see waiver note below). You do not need to credit me or link to the mod, just a friendly mention during the video is enough, should you wish to do so.
  6. Ludeon Studios, as the originator of RimWorld, can freely use the contents of my RimWorld mods without any repercussions.

– Ryder

Waiver note

To YouTube,

The content creator using this mod does not need to ask me first to use it in their monetised videos.



Contact details

For enquiries about particular mods, I recommend leaving a comment on the mod’s Steam Workshop page. Here’s a list of mods I’ve released there.

You can also private message me on Ludeon forums.