Journal of Fiona Kerr, Time-Hopping Ranger

Chapter 1 – Time Travel

The Avenger is falling.

One of the Chosen discovered the location of our mobile headquarters and launched an attack. The artillery units stationed nearby are keeping the ship pinned on the ground. Needless to say, they’re protected by a goddamn army of alien assholes, and surrounding them is out of the question.

Our last chance to save Earth is a bit of a long shot. Apparently while Shen and Tygan were decoding the information in the Codex, they discovered a way to replicate its ability to travel between dimensions.

As always, there’s a catch. It’s a one-way trip, and there’s really no way of knowing whether we’ll end up where we need to be, or when.

That’s right. We’re going back in time, to give Earth one last shot. We’ll give XCOM as much advance intel on the alien threat as we can. Hopefully, it’s enough to make a difference.

Bradford is recording a short message to take with us, just in case his past self has any doubts. He says he’s going to stay with the Avenger and buy us the time we need to make the crossing between dimensions.

He’ll be in good company. The Commander is suiting up for battle, as well as any other soldiers that can hold a weapon, which isn’t very many.

Good luck, Commander. It feels good to know that you’ve got our backs.


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