Marvin’s Hot and Cold Pack

Marvin's Hot and Cold Modpack (3986 downloads)

This modpack consists of the following mods:

Ludeon forums discussion thread.

A more detailed explanation of each mod follows.

Hot and Cold Biomes 1.0.9

Makes biomes harsher!


iame6162013, for the original IceSheet mod.
Kaballah, for numerous suggestions and feedback.

Ice Sheet
– No changes from vanilla.

Harsher Tundra
– Tundra has marginal and poor soil. Marginal soil and ice generate in patches.
– There are no trees.

Harsher Desert
– Desert is mostly sand with some marginal soil and water and little plant or animal life.
– Desert may now have patches of dusty soil.

Harsher Arid Shrubland
– Shrubland has less plant and animal life and more sand.
– Marginal soil replaces soil. Generates in patches.
– New terrain type: Dusty soil. Not suitable for growing.

Other things
– No Gravel Fertility. Can’t grow on this any more.
– Nerfs to leather and wool. Less insulation against hot and cold conditions.
– Smaller herds. Some animals generate in herds, these have been reduced in size.
– Harsher Map Conditions. These are now available in a separate mod.

Hot and Cold Minification 1.5.6

Minified production tables and turrets. You can install and uninstall these like you would sculptures.

Basic: Shorter in range than Rimworld’s vanilla turret, and not as damaging, but has more hitpoints.
Improved: Has a slightly longer range than the basic turret.
Macerator: Extremely short-ranged but rapid-firing. Can be downgraded back into an improved turret.
Crusher: Toughened against a variety of attacks. Can be downgraded back into an improved turret.

Faster Devilstrand Growth.

Needlegun – weak automatic ranged weapon with good refire rate but limited range. Craft at (upgraded) smithing table.

From v1.5.2 onwards, portable workbenches are no longer made at the smithing table. They can be designated from the new Portable category in the Architect and are built like any other building, with the exception that you can now uninstall them to re-install them elsewhere.

Also in v1.5.2:

Basic and upgraded versions of the smithing bench. The basic version requires no power, and uses less resources, but only allows you to craft the short bow, the great bow, and the pila. The upgraded version is like the vanilla smithing bench but portable. You need to uninstall the basic smithing bench to make the upgraded version.

The small lamp and small sunlamp are now portable (like the vanilla lamps).

Known issues: There is no icon for the basic smithing table when constructing the upgraded smithing table.

Credits: BBream – fix for minified turrets.

Version 1.5.3 is a bugfix update. Minified turrets are no longer deconstructible (you would get no resources back). The upgraded smithing table is also no longer deconstructible (would cause a bug).

Also in v1.5.3, turrets no longer explode using a frag grenade style explosion, but instead use a custom damage (Zap) which causes electrical damage, burning nearby pawns but not setting them on fire. Finally, the minified turrets drop resources when they are defeated, including a turret wreck. Turret wrecks can be salvaged at the smithing bench and made useful again.

In v1.5.4 double yield haygrass was added. It can also by grown in hydroponics.

Version 1.5.5 is a bugfix update which addresses the problem of not being able to build improved turrets, thus breaking the upgrade chain.

Version 1.5.6 removes the vanilla improvised turret. Old turrets can be deconstructed for their materials. The new improvised turret is a manned pila thrower.


Harsher Map Conditions 1.0.6

This makes Cold Snap, Heat Wave and Volcanic Winter potentially more severe than before.

Cold Snap: Storyteller can now trigger as long as the seasonal temperature is 10C or below but not if it is already lower than -75C. The duration can be up to 4 months.
Heat Wave: Will no longer trigger if the seasonal temperature is over 32C. The duration can be up to 4 months.
Volcanic Winter: The duration can be as long as 20 months.
Flash Storm: Can opportunistically increase in frequency if the temperature is over 45C.

Version 1.0.0 introduces time-based multiplication of the temperature offsets. This is calibrated against the maximum duration set in the LongerSnapWaveAsh.xml file.

For Cold Snap and Volcanic Winter, this means that the extreme of cold will be reached fairly soon after the incident is triggered, and then taper off over time. The actual severity will depend on the random duration which is chosen, but should not exceed -50C for Cold Snap and -30C for Volcanic Winter.

For Heat Wave, this means the the extreme of heat will be reached gradually towards the end of the incident’s duration, followed by a quick return to normal conditions. Again, the actual severity will depend on the random duration, but should not exceed +45C.

Solar Apocalypse: This event is extremely rare and will never occur in the ten years after crash landing. It will gradually render the surface of the planet uninhabitable due to extreme temperature. For sanity’s sake, the default chance for this event is set to zero. You can modify this chance or trigger it from the debug menu. Your choice!

Version 1.0.3 adds checks to Cold Snap and Heat Wave so that they cannot fire while Solar Apocalypse is active. It also adds the possibility for more frequent Flash Storms if the outdoor temperature is over 45C.

Version 1.0.4 fixes Volcanic Winter starting while a Cold Snap is still active. This should not have been the case.

Version 1.0.5 scales Heat Wave, Cold Snap and Volcanic Winter according to difficulty. It also turns them off for the first two difficulty levels.

Version 1.0.6 adds incident sanity checks – Heat Wave and Cold Snap will not fire if Solar Flare is active. The timing of these incidents has also been altered slightly in the XML.

Less Incident Trolling 1.3.5

Sets the minimum time between solar flares to 108 days.
Sets the minimum time between eclipses to 48 days.
Reduces the chances of a single animal attack to 1% (psychic drone animal attack is unchanged).
Solar Flares will never occur while there is an eclipse.
Phoebe – gives less often raids than in vanilla
All of the storytellers will only consider your current population when deciding how large of a raid to send. Wealth is now irrelevant.

As with previous versions, the conduit explosion event is turned back on – more specifically, the file which disables explosions has been renamed to so that if you wish, you can re-enable it. However, it is strongly recommended that you use RT’s Fusebox Mod instead.

Version 1.3.2 makes some changes to the way raid points over and above 1000 are calculated. If difficulty is greater than 0.65 (Rough) the remainder after 1000 is raised to the power 0.87, otherwise, it is raised to the power 0.8, the net effect being that although raid strength can increase beyond 1000 points, it does so at a slower rate, reflecting the very real possibility that not all of your colonists are fit for combat.

Version 1.3.3 is a minor update which allows Randy to use the new population-only raid size calculation but still leaves it open to Randy-style randomisation.

Version 1.3.5 re-introduces wealth into the calculation of raid points. Currently, this is about 1% of the colony’s building wealth. Additionally, some incident sanity checking is added – Solar Flare will check to see of Heat Wave or Cold Snap map conditions are active and if so, will not fire.

More Planning 1.0.3

Adds a new planning tool (Plan Alt) with a corresponding Remove Plan tool. Uses an alternate texture.

Can be translated (English available).

Conflicts with any mod which adds to the Orders menu, but can be made compatible.

Version 1.0.3 is a minor update for Alpha 12d.

Modded Charge Lance 1.0.1

Alters the charge lance used by Scythers. It does less damage and is less accurate, but can refire quicker. This makes it more suitable for urban warfare.

Adds the Charge cannon, a heavy weapon usable by Centipedes but can also be wielded by humans.

Manti 1.0.0

Very simple mod which adds a mini anti-matter reactor to the Power tab of the Architect after you have researched the Ship Anti-Matter Reactor.

Raid Sanity 1.0.0

Adds temperature-based sanity checks to raids, chased refugees, visitors and travellers.