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You may include these mods in your own modpacks. The responsibility of maintaining, adapting and supporting that particular combination of mods falls to you, however. This license still applies even if you do not include it in your distribution.

You may not re-upload these mods to Steam without my permission.

You may create your own derivative mods, as long as they do not have the same name as the original mods. Credit must be given.

Exception to the above. You may not include these mods into a monetised modpack or use it to create monetised derivative mods. This includes donation links.

You may use these mods as content in monetised YouTube videos without asking me first (see waiver note below). You do not need to credit me but I would appreciate a link to the mod and/or a mention in the video’s description.

Ludeon Studios can use the contents of this mod freely in monetised RimWorld-related content without legal repercussions.

– MarvinKosh

Waiver note

To YouTube,

The content creator using this mod does not need to ask me first to use it in their monetised videos.



4 thoughts on “My RimWorld Alpha 15 Mods

  1. Thanks for Solar Apocalypse and Rogue Planet mods, they seems like fun. There catch though , they take full effect in couple of years and there no option to change rate of cooling/heating. As each in game year takes 5.33 real time hours at maximum speed its way too slow (for me personally). So, as a suggestion, if you plan on working on this mod and if that not too troublesome , it would be nice to have config option that can change time it takes for Rogue Planet or SA to take full effect.Ranging from 1 season to few years , for instance.
    I tried to find it in mod files , but it seems its coded in .dll files, and i don’t know how to edit those , sadly.
    Again , thanks for mod , best regards , Rioninnimo.

    • Okay. I was planning on doing something along those lines anyway. I’ll try and have something uploaded soon. It’s not difficult to do, it’s just as you said, it takes a while to play a colony for a few years. I don’t really get an idea of how challenging it is unless I play for quite a while.

      • Oh , cool. This would be awesome. As for challenging – in my experience with previous Rimworld version it takes between 1(luck,mods) and 3 years (just luck) to get to point where you can build spaceship. So if time-to-full-effect of SA or RP closer to 10 years, it will probably will not add much challenge. By end of 1st year it possible to have pretty big base, indoor food production and just make heaters or coolers as needed.(Possible, not guaranteed. Some luck needed). In my experience.
        Gotta admit, i want to a) see if its possible to survive when outside temp near absolute zero or above ignition point b) watch as invading raiders BURN or freeze to death in seconds as they enter map.(If storyteller even spawns them under these conditions)
        I tried to find anything i can edit in gamefiles relating to environment temp. Does not seem to be any. The most extreme it gets is Ice Sheet + Cold Snap + Volcanic Winter combo. -103 C at lowest point . 1 polar bear run away because of hypothermia. So your mod seems the only option here.

        • Something to bear in mind is that humanoid raiders will stop when the outside temperature falls outwith the -45C to 45C range. You’ll get mechanoids instead.

          As for surviving when the outdoor temperature is at ignition point, that’s difficult but not impossible. The problem is that as the difference between cold side temperature and hot side temperature becomes larger, powered coolers stop working.

          However, if you have a large base you could vent to a large room which has some passive coolers installed. Obviously this requires that you have an indoor growing zone to get the wood needed to keep replacing the passive coolers.

          Anyway I’ll look into updating the mod soon, I had an idea for a minor mod and worked on that this weekend.

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