Combat Readiness Check

Combat Readiness Check

Mod for: RimWorld Alpha 16

Latest version: 1.1.0

Last updated: February 23, 2017

Overall downloads: 2061

Latest version:

Combat Readiness Check (2061 downloads)

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Changes the calculation of raid points.

Wealth from weapons and armour counts at 0.25% of market value (much less for neolithic weapons).
Wealth from buildings counts at 0.55% of value.
Colonists by default count for 99 points instead of 40.
Colonists who have impairment to their combat ability will count for less points.
Colonists who can’t fight at all will count for zero points.
Colonists who have enhanced capabilities don’t count any more than 99 points.

Unlike the A15 version of the mod, there are no new storytellers – all storytellers will use the new raid calculation.

(Combat Readiness Check)

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