Hunting Restriction

Hunting Restriction

Hunting Restriction

Mod for: RimWorld Alpha 16

Latest version: 1.0.8

Last updated: February 3, 2017

Overall downloads: 1715

Available versions:

Hunting Restriction (1715 downloads)


Revised version of Hunting Hours Restricted.

Hunters will consider a number of things when deciding to hunt.

Weather (fog in particular)
Time of day (mainly with regard to animals sleeping)
Toxic fallout
Distance to target
Target’s size (big or small game)
Their own needs (food and rest)
Their own movement efficiency
Their own eyesight
Outdoor temperature
Traits like Careful Shooter and Trigger Happy

If some of these in combination would make hunting more dangerous or much less efficient, the hunter will skip that target or the job entirely.

Hunters with very poor eyesight will unassign themselves when trying to start the Hunting job. If you later improve their eyesight, you can re-assign them.

Trigger Happy hunters will try to get to one quarter of maximum weapon range before opening fire.

2 thoughts on “Hunting Restriction

  1. Great Mod. Hope they give you credit for something like it in the real game. Much better to have dedicated “job” scripting rather than just “go there and do it”.

    • Thanks. I don’t know if it will get implemented, though. It could takes months of Tynan having an idea on his ideas list before it gets done. I’m not sure this is even on his list.

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