No Doomed Newbies

Mod for: RimWorld Alpha 16

Latest version: 1.0.8

Last updated: February 7, 2017

Overall downloads: 1599

Available versions:

No Doomed Newbies (1599 downloads)

This mod changes the Wanderer Joins, Refugee Chased and Refugee Escape Pod incidents.

Wanderer Joins: All factions which can be player factions can join.
Refugee Chased: Only space refugees of the default faction can join.
Refugee Escape Pod: Only space refugees of the default faction can join.


In each case, the list of pawns is filtered once to see if any can survive in the current temperature (ignoring any gear that they might generate with). The new wanderer will be picked from those pawn kinds only, or if none can survive, gear will be added so that they might be able to survive.

If it would be difficult to grow food on the map because of a lack of fertile soil (as defined in the BiomeDef, not necessarily what you actually see on the map) some limitations will be placed on the kind of pawns which can generate:

  1. Pawn must not have Research disabled and pawn must have passion for researching, or
  2. Pawn must not have Construction disabled and pawn must have a skill of at least 4 in Constructing, or
  3. Pawn must not have Mining disabled and pawn must have a skill of at least 4 in Mining.

Additionally, if there’s a lack of growing soil, newbies will bring some extra food with them.

The limitations and the bonuses stop when there’s a suitable indoor growing area and Hydroponics is researched.

Refugee pod landings

When a colony has no colonists remaining, refugee pods will not crash nearby. There is a chance that they will land instead and the refugee will auto-join immedaitely.

Under normal conditions, refugee pods have a small chance to not crash. The refugee from that landing will not auto-join immediately. They will in fact probably try to leave the map.

For obvious reasons, this mod conflicts with the Hospitality mod and the Refugee Stats mod, and I cannot make it compatible with them. However, those mod authors can (and I strongly encourage them to) use the source in NewbieUtil.cs to generate pawns the same way as this mod.

Source included.

(No Doomed Newbies)

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