Solar Apocalypse & Rogue Planet

Mod for: RimWorld Alpha 17

Latest version: 1.0.6

Last updated: June 29, 2017

Overall downloads: 3569


Solar Apocalypse & Rogue Planet (3569 downloads)

This mod enables two game conditions – Solar Apocalypse and Rogue Planet. These should be used in a scenario as a permanent game condition. Strange things will happen if you add both of them, so please don’t.

Solar Apocalypse

Solar activity increases at an alarming rate, creating a never-ending heatwave and runaway greenhouse effect.

This map condition slowly increases the temperature over the course of many years. At first this increase is quite small, but with each passing year the rise becomes more evident.

In addition, fewer animals will migrate into your part of the world, and plants will become scarce.

As even more time passes, your cooling systems will be unable to sink heat fast enough and this means you will be unable to grow crops or keep animals even indoors. Plants which are outside in the searing heat will die.

This necessitates eventually building a spaceship to escape the searing heat. You will need to acquire the materials to do so while continuing to fight off raiders and the like in ever-increasing temperatures.

Rogue Planet

Through misfortune, this rimworld has broken from its orbit and is steadily escaping its parent star.

This map condition decreases the temperature over the course of many years. Like Solar Apocalypse, the decrease starts out small but gets bigger with each passing year.

Again, plant and animal density will decrease as the temperature gets lower.

Because of the nature of the map condition, less light will reach the surface and you will get less power from solar panels.

The temperature will now eventually reach a point slightly above absolute zero, and solar flares will stop affecting the colony after a certain time.

(Solar Apocalypse & Rogue Planet)

2 thoughts on “Solar Apocalypse & Rogue Planet

  1. Somewhat of test report:
    Started with rogue planet , colony made it to year 5 now. Seems to be working , temperature barely gets over 0 celsius in summer, winters is -50 to -70 now. But ! When i travel to other locations on global map (second base , caravan ambush , quest encounters) the temperature decrease just not there. It lloks like the counter for “how much time passed since rogue planet condition started” either reset or not even ticking for local maps that is not your starting map.
    So , pack your base , travel 2 global map cells , settle at another location – and apocalypse averted. Maybe you can do something about that ?
    Also stil waiting for that customisation option that allows user to change speed at which temperature drops (or raises). If you can and its not too time consuming.

    Still , thanks for mod. I try to drag it till scythers start to drop from hypothermia 😛

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