Combat Readiness Check

Combat Readiness Check

Mod for: RimWorld Beta 19

Latest version: 1.1.8

Last updated: September 21, 2018

Overall downloads: 2594

Download link:

Combat Readiness Check (2594 downloads)

Alters the normal threat points calculation.

Threat points are used to ‘buy’ raiders from a list to make up the group that will raid your colony or ambush one of your caravans.

You can use the in-game Mod Settings menu to adjust some of the settings for how points are generated. Select Combat Readiness Check, and edit the values. They will stay in effect as long as you’re using the same saved game folder.

A debug option is available in the mod settings menu. This will output the current armoury points and building points to the log. Colonist points are also logged, but only if you turn on Write Storyteller in development mode.


  • Wealth from weapons and armour counts at market value. Armour is anything which offers better than 29% protection against bullets or arrows.
  • Wealth from pre-industrial weapons counts at 25% of market value.
  • Wealth from other items is not counted (vanilla: all items are counted at market value, converted into points by wealth curve).
  • The combined weapons and armour wealth is converted into points by the Combat Readiness wealth curve.
  • Wealth from buildings is counted at 25% of value and converted into points by the Combat Readiness wealth curve (vanilla: 50% of value, vanilla wealth curve).


  • Animals which have release training count for 9% of their combat strength (vanilla: similar percentage, but all animals that could be trained, even if they aren’t trained).
  • Animals don’t count towards wealth.


  • Colonists by default count for 45 points (vanilla: starts at 40 points and increases to 110 depending on colony wealth).
  • Colonists aren’t counted towards wealth.
  • Colonists who have impairment to their combat abilities (consciousness, manipulation, sight) will count for less points.
  • Colonists with limited movement capability or a limited combined combat ability will count for zero points.
  • Colonists in cryptosleep will count for zero points.
  • Colonists who can’t fight at all will count for zero points.
  • Colonists who are suffering from an infection or disease which needs bed rest will count for zero points if they haven’t developed immunity.
  • Colonists who have enhanced capabilities (from bionics, trauma savant, mechanites or drugs) can count slightly more.


The current adaptation factor affects the final colonist points value (vanilla: adaptation multiplies everything just like difficulty).

The combined points are then processed by the Combat Readiness points curve (vanilla: no points curve).
After that the points are multiplied by the modifier for difficulty level (vanilla: same).
There is a global maximum of 10000 points or 20000 for Merciless difficulty (vanilla: 20000).


Includes ‘Adaptation and Random Threat Point Multipliers Cap to One’ which changes the adaptation and random raid factors so that they cap at 1, reducing the effect of those factors.

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