Ugh You Got Me

Ugh You Got Me

Mod for: RimWorld Beta 19

Latest version: 1.0.4

Last updated: October 19, 2018

Overall downloads: 4109

Download link:

Ugh You Got Me (4109 downloads)

Pawns will stop social fighting if they’re badly hurt or in a lot of pain.

Masochists ignore pain when social fighting.

Bloodlusties will not stop social fighting until either their opponent gives in, dies, or is downed.

Pawns who are romantically involved have a chance to stop social fighting if one has a positive opinion of the other.

New in this version, missing limbs as a result of social fighting are checked for and will stop the fight. Fights will also no longer start if they would immediately stop due to injuries or pain (you will still get a message about them, though).

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