Space Weapons Fix Mod for Galactic Civilizations II

Space Weapons Fix Mod

Space Weapons Fix Mod is a mod for Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor (or Ultimate Edition).

Some time ago the modding community started poking around in the TA tech trees to see why the AI was reluctant to develop certain techs.  We found that some weapons techs were categorised as PD, instead of Military, meaning that unless missile weapons were deployed, those techs would never be researched by the AI.  Obviously, an AI that can’t fight back isn’t much of a challenge.

The idea behind this mod was originally just to get the TA AI on the right track as far as weapons are concerned.  However as suggestions have been put forward by the community, more improvements have been made to the tech trees.  Some features have been driven by my own need to fix annoyances.

For example there is the AI’s passion for spamming factories or labs onto every tile, crashing their early economy.  These basic improvements would get upgraded and then cost the AI even more in terms of miantenance and production cost, forcing the AI to run inefficiently with the production slider at far less than 100%.

Depriving human and AI alike of early structures that can cause economic meltdown is one of the features of the mod. In their place are Super Projects which allow for some single-planet focus.

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