Sometimes Raids Go Wrong

Sometimes Raids Go Wrong

Mod for: RimWorld 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

Latest version: 1.4.4

Last updated: March 18, 2023

Overall downloads: 50834

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Sometimes Raids Go Wrong (50834 downloads)

Ever wished that a raid would just go horribly wrong?

This mod allows storytellers to add a random and sometimes hilarious twist to a raid.

Rapid ageing
In this event, the raiders are infected by military mechanites, which cause effects similar to rapid ageing. If you capture prisoners from the raid, the progress of the mechanites can be halted with good medicine. If untreated or poorly treated, the mechanites can cause permanent damage, effectively ageing the subject several years in a matter of hours.

The raiders are beset by random manhunting enemies.

Pod malfunction
The drops pods of the raiders malfunction and crash rather than landing. This can injure and potentially kill the occupants.

Meteorite shower
Meteorites fall from the sky and strike randomly near the raiders.

Drunk Drop
Any raiders who can drink alcohol arrive intoxicated. Some more than others.

Burning Men
Some of the raiders arrive on fire. They are closely pursued by mechanoids. Both sides will already be injured.

Run Wild
Some of the raiders break away from their friends and embrace their animal instincts. They take no part in the actual raid and can be tamed just like any wild humanoids.

You can decide which of the above events you would like to happen in the mod settings menu. However, this feature is still in development and your settings will not be stored after exiting the game.