Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5F

Download removed.  Reason: Bad version.

Change list:

  • Weather Control Zenith improves PQ by 4 instead of 3, has maintenance 2 and improves food production by 50%.
  • Farming techs removed from Arcean tech tree (otherwise they could have large unhappy populations!)
  • Arcean first-tier weapon tech costs reduced by 50%.
  • Arceans have earlier access to a low cost version of Advanced Logistics, but later logistics techs in their tech tree cost more.
  • Minor races did not have Hyperdrive defined as Propulsion category, fixed.
  • Made some consistency changes and fixes to Krynn tech tree.
  • Removed the improved colonies and fixed other improvements with multiple upgrades in different tech trees.
  • Broke apart Planetary Improvements in Arcean tech tree for improved early research.
  • Cathedral of Valor: Super Project, increases planetary defence by 65% (obviously only only on built world) and will test to see if it actually grants a 50% civ-wide bonus to Soldiering.
  • New Arcean Super Project.  Temple of Honour, improves population growth by 15% on planet and adds 6tp of research capability.  Available to build immediately.