Update to Space Weapons Fix Mod

Download version 6B for GalCiv2: Twilight of the Arnor

Change list:

  • Krynn tech tree fixes: corrected category for Missile Defence Theory, Mass Driver Theory.
  • Drengin Experimentation Centre is no longer an upgrade target for the Improved Slaveling Lab.
  • Hull capacities, hitpoints and logistics have been rebalanced.
  • Armour and point defence modules have been rebalanced.
  • Logistics ability gains from technology have been doubled to compensate.

Space Weapons Fix Mod, v6A

Download version 6A for GalCiv2: Twilight of the Arnor

Change list:

  • Arcean tech tree streamlining – some techs are now optional rather than core.
  • Fixed Space Weapons costing in Arcean tech tree.  It is no longer core, because Arceans have access to Fusion Beams earlier on, but it does give access to Missile Weapon Theory and Mass Driver Theory in case the player wants Stinger or Railguns.
  • Added ‘Support’ hull class – category Small, available with Interstellar Construction.
  • Known issue: AI builds Support class but names it ‘Heavy Fighter.’
  • Known issue: The Drengin Experimentation Centre can be upgraded – this is fixed in version 6B.
  • Increased colony module cost from 50 to 100.  Together with the cost of a cargo hull, this is about a 50% increase in cost.
  • Basic Life Support module is no longer available.  Life support modules are smaller but offer less range, starting at General Life Support tech.
  • Altered GC2Ships.cfg again, removing old Life Support modules from ship designs.  Starting ships are affected.
  • Yor and Zylon tech trees – Biological Studies is now categorised as Terraforming, not Colonisation.  Neutrality Learning Centre removed.
  • Yor and Zylon buildings – cybernetic versions of the Research Centre, Research Academy, Invention Matrix and Discovery Sphere.  These are all half the usual maintenance cost.  However there is no cybernetic version of the Research Co-ordination Centre or Neutrality Learning Centre.  Manufacturing Vortex now a Super Project granting +30 to Social Production as opposed to +15% manufacturing per planet.
  • Krynn tech tree – changed Xeno Industrial Theory to Manufacturing category, increased priority for Research techs.
  • Arcean buildings – Advanced Navigation Centre is now a Super Project, does not upgrade the basic Navigation Centre and provides a civ-wide increase in speed of +1.
  • Arcean Fusion Beam – the required sound file for this weapon is now included.
  • Yor and Zylon tech trees – debugged and rearranged for visual consistency.

Space Weapons Fix Mod, v6

Download version 6 for GalCiv2: Twilight of the Arnor

Change list:

  • Beam weapons balance tweaked – beams are fairly expensive per unit of firepower but scale damage to size well.
  • Missile weapons balance tweaked – missiles are much cheaper per unit of firepower but do not scale damage to size well.
  • Mass driver weapons tweaked – mass drivers are the cheapest per unit of firepower, and are average at scaling size to damage.
  • Krynn buildings – Consulate changed to Super Project, gives +20 bonus to influence ability.  Cost increased to 125, no maintenance.
  • Krynn tech tree – Various changes.  They lose Industrial Revolution, so no Entertainment Centre, but gain A History of Co-operation which nets them a free +10 to Culture.
  • Thalan buildings – removed limtations on matrices.  Reduced output of matrices but set maintenance to 1.  Fusion Transformer is now available with Technology Adaptation II, adds 8mp and 8 tp, magnifies mp and tp by 75%, cost 500, maintenance 10bc.
  • Altarian buildings – Regional Matric no longer upgrades from Manufacturing Matrix.
  • Altarian tech tree changes.
    • Core Technologies I: Economic Improvements, Xeno Economics
      • Also unlocks Xeno Communications.
    • Core Technologies II: Research Improvements, Xeno Research, Xeno Biology
    • Core Technologies III: Productivity Improvements, Industrial Construction, Temples.
      • Also unlocks Xeno Farm Construction.
    • Core Technologies IV: Soil Enhancement, Xeno Trade Centres.
      • Also unlocks Diplomatic Relations.
    • Core Technologies V: Military Improvements, Interstellar Warfare, Space Militarization, Space Weaponisation
    • Core Technologies VI: Starport Upgrades, Interstellar Construction, Advanced Hulls
    • Core Technologies VII (after Technology Progression I): Space Weapons (new), Research Academies.
    • Core Technologies VIII (after Technology Progression II): Invention Matrix, Medium Scale Building, Starship Defences, Advanced Space Weapons.
  • Yor buildings – removed limitations on collectives.  Reduced output of collectives but added a % bonus to manufacturing.  Brought collective cost to build more in line with other factories.  Research Matrix is now Cybernetic Matrix, increases mp and tp by 12, with a 25% bonus on top, increased cost to 90 and maintenance to 7.
  • General buildings – Industrial Sector cost reduced to 180, maintenance reduced to 7bc.  Omega Research Centre now adds 20tp and boosts research by 65%.
  • Torian buildings – Reduced cost of University to 80.  Reduced cost of City of Learning to 100 and maintenance to 6.  Technology commune now adds 10tp and only costs 350, maintenance reduced to 7.
  • Default ships: Altered GC2Ships.xml to remove the obligatory Hyperdrive and extra crap from some of the starting designs, increased Support modules in a few cases.
  • Iconian buildings: Precursor Archive maintenance reduced to 4.  Precursor Library maintenance reduced to 4.  Precursor Matrix is now a Super Project which adds 12tp and improves civ’s Economics ability by 40.  Precursor Repository is now a Super Project which adds 16tp and improves civ’s Research ability by 20.
  • Power Plant buildings scrapped.  There are now three new Trade Goods, Fusion Power generators, Anti-matter Power generators, and Quantum Power generators which increase social or military production abilities.

Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5G

Download version v5G for GalCiv2: Twilight of the Arnor

Change list:

  • Krynn tech tree bug fixed (thanks to Guanathor for spotting it) – they should now research weapons and not get stuck.
  • Arceans have a Fusion Beam weapon which replaces Lasers.
  • Fixed bad tags in GC2Types.xml which led to wonky weapon animations.
  • Added PlanetImprovements.xml that should have been added in 5F.

Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5F

Download removed.  Reason: Bad version.

Change list:

  • Weather Control Zenith improves PQ by 4 instead of 3, has maintenance 2 and improves food production by 50%.
  • Farming techs removed from Arcean tech tree (otherwise they could have large unhappy populations!)
  • Arcean first-tier weapon tech costs reduced by 50%.
  • Arceans have earlier access to a low cost version of Advanced Logistics, but later logistics techs in their tech tree cost more.
  • Minor races did not have Hyperdrive defined as Propulsion category, fixed.
  • Made some consistency changes and fixes to Krynn tech tree.
  • Removed the improved colonies and fixed other improvements with multiple upgrades in different tech trees.
  • Broke apart Planetary Improvements in Arcean tech tree for improved early research.
  • Cathedral of Valor: Super Project, increases planetary defence by 65% (obviously only only on built world) and will test to see if it actually grants a 50% civ-wide bonus to Soldiering.
  • New Arcean Super Project.  Temple of Honour, improves population growth by 15% on planet and adds 6tp of research capability.  Available to build immediately.

Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5D

Change list:

  • Engines re-costed as follows:Speed 1
    • Hyperdrive, Hyperdrive Plus: 20
    • Ion drive, Stream Drive: 15

    Speed 2

    • Impulse Drive I – III: 30

    Speed 3

    • Warp Drive I – IV: 45

    Speed 4

    • Warp Drive V: 60
    • Hyperwarp I: 55
    • Hyperwarp II: 50

    Speed 5

    • Hyperwarp III: 75

    Speed 6

    • Stellar Folder: 120
  • New defences for Good-aligned civs:
    • Duranthium Battle Armour, +9 Armour, cost 95
      Prerequisites for research: Duranthium III and Good alignment.
    • Psionic Defence, +16 PD, cost 140
      Prerequisites for research: PD Combo III and Good alignment.
  • Sensors and sensor array re-costed and re-sized, research cost for sensor array reduced by quite a bit
  • Re-costed the Yor Doom Ray research project.
  • Added a custom race as an opponent, with a close copy of the Yor tech tree and the Super Warrior ability.
  • Added the Omega Beam research project to the tech trees with Disruptors.
    • It replaces Doom Ray and makes it more worthwhile picking beam weapons in the end game with those races.
  • Omega Beam: Damage 66, Cost 405, uses the Disruptor II weapon model.
    • Custom sound effect based on the disruptor sound effects, but same Doom Ray animation.
  • Hopefully fixed Arceans getting stuck on Weather Control research.

Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5C

Change list:

  • Arcean tech tree fixes:
    • Moved Xeno Business (Xeno Anthropology) because early on in the tech tree it could be an unnecessary distraction for the AI.
    • Moved Interstellar Navigation in the tech tree to match the order it appears in its group.
    • Miniaturisation techs are split into three groupings.
    • Xeno Engineering is now Industry branch, Manufacturing category
  • Reduced the build cost of Invention Matrix and Discovery Sphere to be more in line with the cost of Research Academy.
  • Iconian tech tree now features Technology Strategy techs.  These are basically the same deal as the Technology Progression techs, but the Super Project list is different:Technology Strategy I – Centre for Intellect Studies, +20 to Research ability and +4tp

    Technology Strategy II – Precursor Weapons Lab, +20 to Weapons ability and +4tp

    Technology Strategy III – Galactic Technology Centre, +150% research on planet and +22tp

  • Four new Iconian improvements:

    Precursor Repository – upgrade for Precursor Library, +20% research on planet and +16tp (respectively, 10% and 4tp better)

    Precursor Matrix – upgrade for Precursor Archive, +40% economic bonus on planet +10% influence bonus and +12tp (respectively, 30% better on economic bonus and 2tp better on research)

    Enhanced Invention Matrix – 17tp, 3tp more than the standard Invention Matrix

    Enhanced Discovery Sphere – 21tp, 3tp more than the standard Discovery Sphere

  • Research Centre has a new look to set it apart from the Iconian refinery.
  • Unbuildable stock ships left over from DL and DA are now hidden so they don’t show up in the tech tree.
  • Farms are now one per planet, and give a percentage boost of 25% or 50% rather than a straight +mt food increase.
  • An Improved Colony is now available for construction, technology needed varies depending on tech tree.
  • Thalan tech tree reworked using Technology Adaptation I through III as separators.  They now start with Planetary Adaptation instead of Interstellar Construction (you may need to press Clear on their race config screen first).
  • Devils’ Forge upgrades to Slaveling Training Center.
  • Slaveling Training Center boosts production by 25% and adds 10 mp, and upgrades to Artificial Slave Pods.
  • Artificial Slave Pods boost production by 30% and adds 12 mp.

Space Weapons Fix Mod, v5B

Change list:

  • Added Technology Progression and Core Technologies to Korx tech tree.
  • Added Technology Progression and Core Technologies to Arcean tech tree.
  • Restricted the number of money-sucking improvements the Thalans can build.
  • Added Universities to Core Technologies for Torians.
  • Reworked Korx tech tree slightly for visual consistency, altered pre-requisites for Cut-Throat Competition and Mercenaries.
  • Reworked Torian tech tree slightly for visual consistency.
  • Bugfixed Arcean tech tree and reworked for visual consistency.
  • Sparrow missile costs more but takes less space, though not as space-efficient as Stinger or Seeker I.
  • (Advanced) Navigation Centre takes less time to build, +5% HP bonus added.
  • Removed some extra files from the package that were in the wrong directory.

Space Weapons Fix Mod, 5A

Change list:

  • Reworked the Terran and Drengin tech trees, just moving stuff around here and there.
  • Sensors techs are now spread out through the tech trees.
  • Techs which give access to a research facility cost 20% less.
  • Added Super Projects for Tech Progression research.
    • Infinity Tech Labs: 18 tp, 14 bc maintenance.
    • Pear Shaped labs: 4 tp, +20 to Research ability, 8bc maintenance.
    • Nordstrom Technologies: +15 to Hitpoints ability, 2tp, no maintenance.
  • Added GC2Ships.xml which contains the nerfed Arnorian Ranger and Super Dominator Corvette designs.
  • Fixed up the Arceans to be more predatory with a +1 speed bonus instead of a speed nerf, but they take a -20 to Defence.
  • Various silliness fixes in Iconian tech tree.