Less Outdoor Cleaning

Mod for: RimWorld Alpha 16

Latest version: 1.0.3

Last updated: February 16, 2017

Overall downloads: 1299

Latest download:

Less Outdoor Cleaning (1299 downloads)

Cleaners will waste less time cleaning dirt in outdoor parts of the home area.

They will consider how many roof tiles are open in enclosed areas – more than 100 tiles is considered to be outdoors by this mod.

They will also consider whether the dirt type will actually be washed away by rain and whether it is created by terrain.

Accumulated dirt under doors in outer walls will only be cleaned at maximum thickness – e.g. 5 x Building Rubble from all the bashing a previous door took. A door is considered to be an outer wall door if neither of the rooms it connects to has a completely closed roof.

(Less Outdoor Cleaning)

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