Space Weapons Fix Mod, v3A

Change list:

  • As Version 2, but with subtle changes to the Terran tech trees.  When playing against an AI using this tech trees, you may notice that they rotate their research projects more effectively.  Or not.  It’s a beta, but I have seen it work really well so far.  In particular I have upped the value of a technology victory for the Yor tech tree, because they don’t exactly have a lot of techs to help them do an Alliance or Culture victory.
  • As of version 3A the ultimate weapons are changed so that, as with the defences, they cost more, take up more space, and as compensation they do more damage.  You will still get a pretty mean weapon by doing the research, but you won’t be able to fit so many on your ships.
Comparison of old and modded ultimate weapons
Weapon Old Damage New Damage Old Cost New Cost Old Size

(small, large)

New Size

(small, large)

Doom Ray 22 48 150 330 11, 14 29, 39
Black Hole Gun 16 48 100 265 7, 10 33, 43
Nightmare Torpedo 25 50 160 280 12, 13 43, 48